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21 октября 2017, 00:31

Cisco's new AI-based enterprise services can predict IT failure

Cisco has just announced a new set of services that aims to predict potential troubles in a companyтs IT department.

Powered by artificial intelligence, the Business Critical Services and High-value Services offerings willТ anticipate IT failures, mitigate risks, reduce maintenance costs and assist organizations in keeping necessary skills to keepТ digital transformationТ going.

Business Critical Services "goes beyond basic optimization to deliver more capabilities," Cisco says, adding that analytics, automation, compliance and security by Cisco Advanced Servicesт tech experts are among those capabilities. This will enable a more secure, more efficient and agile technology environment.

With Business Critical Services, human errors should be minimized.

On the other hand, High-value Services are next-gen technical services, helping organizations better use advanced software, solutions and the network. "This portfolio builds on our industry leading product support services with offerings that use analytics, onboarding, expertise, and scale to deliver more proactive and prescriptive services, enabling our customers to realize higher value, faster, from their IT investments," Cisco said in the press release.

"Todayтs world is moving faster than ever, and to be successful, businesses must have the right blend of IT talent and services," said Chuck Robbins, chief executive officer, Cisco.

"By leveraging AI and machine learning to address critical IT issues, Ciscoтs new services offerings will truly help our customers free up time to focus on the growing IT talent gap, and remain competitive into the future."

Published under license from ITProPortal.com, a Future plc Publication. All rights reserved.

Image Credit:Т Katherine Welles / Shutt

Source: http://feeds.betanews.com/~r/bn/~3/qDmqT6LM9iA/